Trump Faces Historic Rejection in US Approval Poll

WASHINGTON: The United States President Donald J. Trump faces historic rejection as he completes one year in the White House. A poll in the US shows that Trump is the least favourite of all President at the end of their first year in the office.

Donald J. Trump in the Gallop poll received only 39% approval from the US. He stands closely next to Bill Clinton who received 49% in 1993. Trump’s predecessor Obama received a 57% approval at the end of his first year in 2009. Obama tied with veteran president Ronal Regan who received 57% approval in 1981.

John F. Kennedy holds the highest approval record with an approval rate of 76% in 1961. Other presidents with the top of the list approval rate include Dwight D. Eisenhower with 69% approval in 1953, George W. Bush with 68% approval in 2001, George H.W. Bush with 66% approval in 1989, Jimmy Carter with 62% approval in 1977 and Richard Nixon with 61% approval in 1969.

In the recent months, most Americans have come to view Trump unfit for presidential office. A sweeping 57% of the American population stated that they disapprove of Trump presidency.

First Year in the White House

Trump’s popularity has been shaky since day one owing to a close margin win against Hillary Clinton. In a Quinnipiac poll, 83% of registered Republican voters still approve of him.

His economic policy is trending a little higher than his overall approval. Americans are also giving credit to Brack Obama for the economic reforms with the view that Trump is reaping benefits of Obama policies.


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