Pakistan CJ Takes Sou Motu on Axact Fake Degree Scandal

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice Pakistan (CJP) Saqib Nisar has taken sou motu action of the Axact’s fake degree scandal resurfaced in the United Kingdom.

JCP ordered Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) chief, Basheer Memon to submit a report within ten days. He said that the scandal has “defamed the country on an international level.”

Justice Nisar expressed his displeasure on the matter and remarked that the scandal has hanged “our heads in shame.”

“Those who cause defamation to Pakistan will not be allowed to walk scot-free,” he added. CJP also remarked that news is making headlines worldwide.

“Cases pertaining to this issue are already present in courts. If this is true then it needs to be investigated, if this is false, then Pakistan needs to defend itself,” he concluded.

JCP also ordered to set a date for the hearing.

Axact Degree Scandal had earlier surfaced in April 2015 in a New York Times report. Its CEO Shoaib Sheikh was arrested by FIA and Axact’s operations throughout the country were taken down.

A network of offshore accounts and companies, used to funnel money made from the university websites, were uncovered. The accused was later acquited by the court due to lack of evidence. He spent 15 months in jail. The organisation recommenced its operations In 2016.

A recent Investigation Report by BBC unveiled that the company has sold over 300,000 fake degrees worldwide, with 3,000 sold to the British citizens only.


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