Afghan President Questions Pakistani Anti Terror Fatwa

KABUL: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani criticized the overwhelming fatwa issued by more than 1800 scholars of Pakistan against suicide attacks.

Ghani stated that, “message Pakistan (Peigham e Pakistan) fatwa’s scope should be broadened to the whole Muslim world, including Afghanistan. Fictions issued under Islam are never limited to geographical boundaries of just one country.” addressing the Afghan youth, women and civil society workers in Kabul.

He added that Pakistan has been under the control of such elements that used these suicide bombers and militants in a “holy war”.

This statement came in reaction to a fatwa issued by more than 18,000 Pakistan scholars against the violence, suicide bombings and extremism for the religious purpose on 16th January.

Earlier, in an interview with an international media outlet on Wednesday, President Ghani acknowledged that Afghan Army won’t be able to survive without American aid due to low funds.

The Afghan President also acknowledged that there are about 21 international terrorist groups in their country and these groups are factories for suicide bombing.

In response to a question, Afghan President said that “Taliban are occupying mountainous areas adjacent to Afghanistan and the government does not have the capability to disrupt them, while the power of extremists is increasing day by day.”

Ashraf Ghani said that Taliban have kept the people afraid so they do not trust government or democracy. Armed terrorists also threaten to kill innocent Afghans.


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