Pakistan Reunites Missing Afghan Boy with Family

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Foreign Secretary, Tehmina Janjua handed over custody of the missing Afghan boy to Afghanistan’s Embassy in the federal capital on Friday.

The boy went missing during a visit to the country with family. Ubaidullah’s family had come to Pakistan for the treatment of his father in 2015. After a sudden demise of his father, they had to return to Afghanistan without him the boy.

“The mother of the child could not find any clue about his whereabouts after he went missing, but had to leave for Afghanistan due to the sudden demise of his father,” she said.

Islamabad Police found Ubaidullah in November 2015 and referred him to Child Protection and Welfare Bureau. After a two-year effort by Pakistani authorities and diplomats in Kabul, his family was traced.

As per the statement by the FO, Ubaidullah would be travelling today to reunite with his family in Afghanistan.

A statement from Afghan Embassy applauded Pakistan’s efforts for taking good care of the destitute Afghan child and his safe reunion with his family.


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