Afghanistan Urges World Powers to Raise Pressure on Pakistan

UNITED NATIONS: The US ambassador to United Nations (UN) Nikki Haley has stated that Afghanistan wants world powers to build pressure on Pakistan.

She made these remarks while returning from a UN Security Council visit to Afghanistan. Haley was among 14 other council representatives for talks with top Afghan leadership in Kabul.

The statement has come amid reports that the Afghan government is considering to hold talks with Taliban. She said Kabul was confident to bring Taliban to the table.

Addressing to media at UN headquarters, Haley said Afghanistan urged security Council to weigh in to bring Pakistan onboard.

“They did ask us for consensus to put further pressure on Pakistan to come to the table and change their behaviour. As long as they are supporting terrorism in Pakistan, the Afghan community is continuing to feel it is not safe,” she said.

The US ambassador did not specify what measures Kabul wants to pressure Islamabad but insisted that the council does have the power to impose sanctions.

Pakistan has long been accused of supporting the Taliban and various militant groups in Afghanistan — charges it denies.

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