Bangladesh, Myanmar Agree on Return Plan for Rohingyas

DHAKA: Bangladesh and Myanmar have agreed to a two-year return plan for misplaced Rohingyas refugee Muslims.

The decision was made during a meeting between officials from the two countries in Naypyitaw, the capital city of Myanmar.

The meeting was held to discuss the pact signed between both countries last year.

Bangladesh Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that the efforts for ensuring a safe return of Rohingyas in the near future “considering the family as a unit.”

However, they did not mention any timetable for it. The government of Myanmar will accommodate the returning refugees until their homes are rebuilt.

Bangladesh Foreign Ministry says five transit camps would be created. There will be two reception centres set up by the Myanmar government to receive the refugees, he said.

It also added that the Myanmar government had reassured to contain overflow of refugees into Bangladesh.

The spokesman of Myanmar government was not available to comment.


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