Indian Government Ends Hajj Subsidy

New Dehli: Indian Government has decided to withdraw the Hajj Subsidy for the Hajj Pilgrims on Tuesday.

Indian Minister for Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas announced to end the Hajj subsidy following year. He added that this fund will be used to empower minorities.

He insisted that despite this decision, 1.75 lakh Muslims will perform Hajj this year.

“Total 700 crore will be saved by this decision and it will be useful in many welfare aspects,” the Minister said.

He added that government was following up on the Supreme Court order of 2012, which decided that the subsidy should be phased out in 10 years.

This decision came after the government approval to Muslim women above the age of 45 to perform Hajj without male guardians.

Back in 2012, Indian Supreme Court ordered the Union Government to withdraw the Hajj Subsidy by 2022 and invest the amount in social development.

Saudi Arabia increased its quota of the number of Indians for the first time in three decades.


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