Pakistan Bans Use of Chinese Salt

LAHORE Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has put a ban on Chinese Salt ( Ajinomoto) after research found it hazardous for health.

The research panel of PFA found that Chinese Salt contains Monosodium glutamate which is highly injurious to health.

The substance causes a headache, heartbeats problems, diseases related to mind and body, blood pressure, and hypertension.

Along with, use of Chinese Salt can also cause harm to the pregnant women.

The research findings indicate that usage of Chinese Salt should be banned in all restaurants, hotels, frozen foods and other food products.

In the light of these recommendations, PFA has given deadline till 31st March for the total discard of Chinese Salt from the market.

All the companies which are using Monosodium glutamate in their products are also informed to put warning labels on their products for pregnant women and underage children.

PFA has released this information and ban under the Punjab Food Authority Act 2011.


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