Meeting US President Will Be Like Swallowing Bitter Tablet: Imran

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan says that if he became Prime Minister, he will meet US President Donald Trump. 

“The meeting with Trump would be like a bitter tablet but I’ll have to swallow it,” he said.

While talking to a US news agency, Khan said that if he gets elected as prime minister, he’ll meet US president next year.

While referring to Trump’s recent tweet chairman PTI said that Trump’s rant was extremely insulting to the country. The way the US treated Pakistan is not justified although Pakistan had nothing to do with the war against terrorism.

Pakistan has played vital role to fight terrorism after 9/11 attacks on America, Khan added

He further added that Trump tried to make Pakistan a scapegoat whereas Pakistan was not involved in terrorism and itself wanted to end it.

On a question regarding religious teachings, the PTI chief said he will bring millions of madrassas into the mainstream. He said we want Madrassa graduates to have all the capabilities so they can get jobs easily in any field.


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