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Sri Lankan President Denies Women ‘Right to Buy Alcohol’

COLOMBO: Sri Lanka’s president Maithripala Sirisena has overruled a move that allows women to buy alcohol in the country.

Sirisena informed a rally that he has ordered the government to withdraw the amendment that permitted women to buy liquor and work in the bars.

The president said he came to know about the reforms only from the news.

The Sri Lankan government said last week it was changing a 1955 law, agreeing that it discriminated against women, BBC reported.

The decision attracted strong criticism from the leading Buddhist monks of the country who claimed the move will destroy the country’s family culture.

Responding to the criticism, Sirisena ordered to repeal the bill.

The decision has also drawn criticism from the pro-alcohol community on Twitter.


Statistics from 2014 suggest that majority of woman in the country do not drink, respecting the tradition.  The data shows 80.5% of women chose not to drink at all compared to 56.9% of men.


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