APPNA President commends services, contributions of Dr. Saeed Akhter

Urges Pakistan Govt. to stop character assassination of reputed doctor

WESTMONT, IL. — Medical Doctor Iqbal Zafar Hamid and President of most reputed Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America has strongly defended and appreciated the works and contribution of Prof. Dr. Saeed Akhter and rejected propaganda against his reputation.

The APPNA President has stressed that “for transparency and future growth, auditing and accountability is surely acceptable but character assassination is not.”

In a statement released from his Head Office in the United States President of APPNA also recalled that Prof. Dr. Saeed Akhter has not only been an integral part of the majority of APPNA projects but has been the face of APPNA and a boot on the ground for APPNA in Pakistan over the years.

Dr.Iqbal Zafar Hamid added that “APPNA expects the government of Pakistan to take immediate action to stop the character assassination of Prof. Dr. Saeed Akhter” and urged that steps must be taken to shelter them from domestic politics so they can utilize their expertise and energy for the advancement of healthcare services.

Calling Prof. Dr. Saeed Akhter, “one of APPNA’s brightest star and a lifetime member for 30 years who went back to Pakistan with a vision to develop a world-class institution that not only to provide free medical care to patients with kidney diseases but also produces world-class specialists through residency and fellowship.

Prof. Dr. Saeed Akhter starting with 4 beds for charity patients at Shifa Hospital, Islamabad has now proceeded to build a state of the art institution, Pakistan Kidney & Liver Institute (PKLI) in Lahore. He undoubtedly is the best physician APPNA had to offer and all of 18000 physicians in North America are very proud of his services and stand behind him.

APPNA, Association of Physicians of Pakistani-descent of North America, represents approximately 18,000 North American Physicians of Pakistani-descent, with a membership of about 3,500 that makes APPNA the largest professional organization of Pakistani heritage outside Pakistan and is well reputed in throughout the world.

Recalling that over 41 years of its existence, Doctor Iqbal Zafar Hamid said APPNA has been actively engaged in Academic, Healthcare, Philanthropic, Humanitarian and Charitable projects not just in the USA but also in Pakistan.

APPNA President also reminded that the organization has established Institute of Public health in Karachi, APPNA Mobile Health Clinics in Mirpurkhas, Thar well projects, or Corneal transplant in Pakistan, established schools Skills center for physicians, and has conducted seminars and workshops for the medical community.

It addition to APPNA has also performed anesthesia, surgery and introduced specialized treatment procedures, gave medical lectures to Pakistani medical students and introduced  Tele-medicine to help our doctors and patients in Pakistan, or Physical and monetary participation at times of disaster such as floods, heat waves/strokes or earthquakes.

APPNA President in his statement expressed hope to continue a good working relationship with authorities in Pakistan so APPNA continues to provide talents and resources to reach out to poor Pakistani population who are desperately in need of such services.



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