Several Arrested Following ‘Gay Marriage’ in Saudi Arabia

RIYADH: Saudi police have arrested several people attending a ‘gay marriage’ in the holy city after a video went viral.

Local police say arrests were made after men in the video were identified. Those arrested were filming a gay wedding scene in which two men walking side-by-side as they are showered with confetti.

The ceremony allegedly took place in the region of Aradiyat, near the holy city of Mecca. The video sparked anger among conservatives on social media.

Without naming anyone, the police official stated that a case has been registered and forwarded to the prosecutor. The charges

The Human Rights Watch say Saudi written laws do not address the subject of same-sex relationships. However, Islamic Sharia laws are implemented to sanction people involved.

There are reports the Kingdom’s prosecution office is planning to request the death penalty for anyone “using social media to solicit homosexual acts.”


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