Massive Sikh rally in New York demand separation from India

Sikhs remembers 1984 Indian Army attack on Golden Temple

NEW YORK (By Fahim Mian) — More than fifty thousand Sikhs men and women living in the United States and Canada joined a massive rally demanding freedom from India and a separate Sikh state.

The Sikh Day rally was organized by Gurdwara Sikh Cultural Society Richmond Hill, New York with support from Management Committees of Tri-State Area Gurdwaras, ‘Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar, ‘Sikh Youth of America’ and various other Sikh welfare organizations.

Talking to VOSA correspondent in New York, two Sikh leaders vowed to continue their struggle for freedom of Khalistan (Sikh homeland) and Kashmir.  Wearing orange colored turbans, Sikhs raised slogans calling for Sikh unity and an end to the ‘Indian occupation’ of Punjab state.

The Sikh rally followed a float recalling the 1984 Indian Army attack on Sikh religious center at the Golden Temple and demanded an independent Sikh State.

The protestors also demanded a referendum in Punjab in 2020 to ascertain public will for separation.
On the occasion, the coordinator of the Sikh Day Parade Gurdev Singh Kang vowed that after the 1984 genocide and violence against Sikhs in India, “the only option left to Sikhs is to have their own independent country”.

Meanwhile, another Sikh leader, Kuldip Singh Dhillon, who is also the president of Gurdwara Sikh Cultura; Society claimed that “hundreds of thousands of Sikh have laid down their lives for the freedom of Punjab and we will not let their sacrifices go in vain”.

Talking to journalists on the occasion, a renowned SikhAttorney Gurpatwant Singh Pannum demanded that “India must allow an independence referendum in the State of Punjab on the lines of the Scottish referendum.”

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