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Immigrants in NYC running from pillar to post to get work permits

Immigrant work permits are a complicated issue for the administration, these days

New York: Hundreds of immigrants in New York City are facing hardships in getting work permits as they can be seen in long queues outside the federal government departments to obtain work permits.

The problem of immigrants has now became more serious. They are forced to line up outside federal department buildings, daily to obtain work permits as the New York City is in a state of confusion these days between immigrants and the issues surrounding them.

Hundreds of immigrants are seen lining up outside the federal building in lower Manhattan every day to obtain work permits.

Immigrants from all five New York boroughs are seeking work permits. These refugees spend the night on footpaths and are forced to use nearby bushes as toilets.

Most of these migrants are those who started their journey from Ecuador, Nicaragua, Honduras or Venezuela, although people from Russia, Nepal, Pakistan and India are also included in this list.

Immigrant work permits are a complicated issue for the administration these days because the permit depends on how the applicant entered the country.

A number of federal agencies, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Department of Homeland Security and US Citizenship and Immigration Services, as well as immigration courts, oversee all matters related to obtaining work permits for immigrants.

It should be noted that over 130,000 immigrants entered New York City last year from the US border with Mexico, and approximately 60,000 immigrants are now living in city-supported shelters.

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