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No danger in the homeland for Pakistanis abroad: Masood Khan

The impression that overseas Pakistanis will be arrested on arrival in Pakistan is wrong: Pakistan's ambassador to America

Texas: Pakistan’s ambassador to America, Masood Khan, has said that there is no danger in the homeland for Pakistanis abroad.

He said an atmosphere of fear is being created through negative propaganda.

The Government of Pakistan has established an effective institution for investment in Pakistan which is fully operational, and suggestions from other Pakistanis will be seriously considered.

A simple and dignified ceremony was held at the residence of PAK PAC President Dr. Rao Kamran Ali in Dallas, Texas. At the beginning of the event, the host Dr. Rao Kamran Ali thanked the Ambassador for his visit and said that Masood Khan’s direct contact with the Pakistani community is commendable.

He said that the Pakistanis living in America are deeply worried about their country. The current political and economic situation in Pakistan is worrying, but we all should put aside our personal views and give importance to Pakistan.

Instead of any political affiliation, one should think for the development of the dear country. It is not fair to give priority to any political party or political ideology over Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Consul General in Houston Aftab Chaudhry was also present in the ceremony.

While in Dallas, a large number of Pakistani Americans belonging to different walks of life participated in the ceremony and asked the Ambassador of Pakistan questions about the current situation in Pakistan, to which Masood Khan gave detailed answers.

Masood Khan while addressing the event as the chief guest, said that the impression that overseas Pakistanis will be arrested on arrival in Pakistan is wrong. There is no need to fear when you have done nothing. Pakistan is currently suffering from economic problems, but these problems can be overcome.

Pakistan is not facing any crisis that cannot end. Pakistanis living in America should not be disappointed at all, but should play a role in bringing Pakistan out of the current problems both individually and collectively.

On this occasion, local corporate attorney Naeem Sakhia emphasized the need for judicial reformers in Pakistan and suggested that a major obstacle to foreign investment in Pakistan is the country’s judicial system.

The Ambassador of Pakistan Masood Khan said in this regard that if Naeem Sakhia gives suggestions in writing, then he will definitely convey his suggestions to the government of Pakistan and he is sure that his suggestions will be considered.

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