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Chehlum of Imam Husain (AS) observed in NYC, with religious reverence

Thousands of Muslim devotees of Imam Hussain attended the Alam Procession

New York: Thousands of Muslim devotees in New York attended the Procession of Chehlum-e-Imam Hussain – the grandson of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, and his loyal companions who rendered their lives for the noble of cause of Justice, humanity and glory of Islam, in the soil of Karbala.

The main mourning procession started from Franklin Avenue in Queens and ended at its designated venue.

Like every year in New York, this year too, the Jafaria Council USA and Jafaria Youth organized the Chehlum Procession, remembering the eternal sacrifice of the martyrs of Karbala for the elevation of the religion of Islam, their Chehlam was observed with great devotion and respect.

Addressing the Majlis-e-Aza which was held after the Namaz-e-Zohrain in congregation at Franklin Avenue in Queens area, Maulana Sheikh Fazil shed light on the incident of Karbala and mentioned the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (AS) and his martyrs.

Later, the twenty-seventh annual Central Mourning Procession of Chehlam, along with Shabeeh-e-Alam and Zul-Janah and other pilgrimages came out from the main road of Franklin Avenue. Youth, men and women including children and elderly people participated in the procession in thousands.

On this occasion, the organizer of the procession and the president of Jafriya Council USA, Raja Abid Numbardar, and the president of Jafriya Youth of New York, Ammar Yasir Numbardar, said that twenty-seven years ago, this procession was started, which takes place every year now. He also rejected the controversial bill passed by the Pakistani parliament, recently.

Niaz was distributed at different places and Sabeel was also set up in memory of the martyrs of Karbala.

the procession reached its final point after passing through its traditional routes, followed by a Majlis-e-Aza. The scholars said that it is the commandment of Allah almighty to always support the oppressed and to stand against the oppressors of every era.

In the Chehlum procession, the mourners burst into tears after the religious scholars described the atrocities inflicted on the martyrs of Karbala by Yazid’s army.

The scholars said that the incident of Karbala has distinguished between the right and wrong, truth and evil, once and forever.

The participants of the procession kept beating their chests on loud sorrowful poems (Nohas) chanting slogans like Labbaik Ya Hussain (AS) till the culmination of Alam procession at its destination.

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