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NYC Govt. officially allows Muslims to call Adhan on loudspeaker

Muslims require no written permission for pray calling from Mosques, now onwards

New York: In a historic development, the  Adhan echoed around the New York Mayor’s office as the Eric Adams-led administration has officially allowed the use of loudspeaker to call Adhan from the city Masques, with certain conditions.

The soulful sound of Pray calling also echoed around the Mayor’s office.

The use of loudspeakers for Adhan was a long-standing demand of millions of Muslims living in the U.S., particularly those in NYC.

Muslims of NYC have admired the Eric Adams administration for the historic decision, and they termed the move as a living example of religious freedom, respect, and harmony.

The mayor Eric Adams, in a press conference with his administration and representatives of the Muslim community, has officially given permission to all mosques to now give Adhan for Friday prayers on loudspeakers. After this announcement, there is no need to take written permission to give adhan from any mosque.

Mayor Eric Adams also allowed all mosques in the city to give the Maghrib Adhan on loudspeakers on Fridays and in the holy Ramadan.

Muhammad Bahi, Senior Liaison Officer of the Community Affairs Unit at the Mayor’s Office organized the event and thanked all the guests for their attendance. With the pray calling, there is a command to abandon worldly affairs during prayer, he stressed.

The staff of the mayor’s office, the police commissioner, and the representatives of the Muslim community was also present in the press conference.

President of New York Police Muslim Officer Society and Deputy Inspector Adeel Rana also spoke on this occasion.

Representatives of the Muslim community, imams of various mosques, organizers of Islamic centers and President of COPO Mohammad Rizvi also participated in the event.

On this occasion, the Muslim community said that today is a very happy and proud day for us. Muslims living in New York will be grateful to Mayor Eric Adams for this initiative.

Earlier, the mayor further said that the police will also work with regard to the new guidelines and ensure that the volume of the loudspeakers for pray calling remains within the prescribed limits.

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