Back to school program: APNA community center distributes bags among children in NYC

Bags will be distributed to more children in the next phase on September 1

New York: As summer vocations end in New York Schools, APNA Community Center distributed bags, supplies and other items to hundreds of children in New York as part of the Back to School program.

Bags will be distributed to more children in the next phase on September 1

Like every year, APNA Community Center starts Back to School Program and Dignity Day before school opening and at the end of summer vacation.

Parents from different parts of the city came and lined up with their children to benefit from the back to school program held at Brighton Beach.

On this occasion, APNA Communty Center’ Chairman Parvaiz Siddiqui said that when we started this program six years ago, we did not know its popularity, today, hundreds of children are benefiting through us, it is a matter of pride for us.
Ice cream, popcorn and other items were kept for the children participating in the Back to School program while fresh food was distributed to the adults.

APNA’s Chief Executive Officer Iram Hanif administrated the event.

Speaking to Voice of South Asia, Iram said that our program is expanding each year, in the second phase, bags and supplies will be distributed among children.

Representatives of civil organizations, civil judge, assemblyman Alec Brook and members of sponsoring organizations also participated in the event. On this occasion, civil judge and former president of Shorefront Toys for Tots Brian Gottlieb and assemblyman Alec Brook said that I am very happy to see children sharing happiness, hope this journey of goodness will continue like this.

The children participating in the back to school program were very happy and their happiness was doubled when toys were distributed along with school bags and supplies. President of Shorefront Toys for Tots, Craig Schatzman, said that our goal is to spread happiness on children’s faces.
Jackets were also distributed to those who attended the back-to-school program in preparation for the onset of winter in the next few months. The second phase will be held on September 1 at Beth Avenue.

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