Austin Bomber acted alone, used PVC, metal for bombs

Informant led authorities to the bomber, Mark Conditt

HOUSTON — U.S. Federal officials have revealed that the suspect in a series of fatal Austin package bombings used PVC pipe casing, a metal pipe, and shrapnel in his attacks that killed two people and seriously injured four others.

Authorities on Monday released an affidavit used to support an arrest warrant for suspect Mark Conditt. Investigators used bomb evidence, video surveillance, interviews and phone records to chart a path to Conditt.

Police say he blew himself up March 21 as officers closed in to make an arrest. The document still redacts details about witnesses who were interviewed, phone numbers and places where police say Conditt purchased his materials.

The documents didn’t mention a possible motive for the bombings. Investigators say Conditt left a 25-minute cell phone recording in which he allegedly confessed to the crimes but have not yet released that recording to the public.

No one else has been arrested or charged. The bombs killed 39-year-old father Anthony Stephan House and 17-year-old musician Draylen Mason.

John Bash, U.S. attorney for the Western District of Texas, was quoted as saying that authorities have dismissed an arrest warrant that had been issued hours before police say Conditt killed himself.
Bash said the investigation continues although no other suspects have been arrested “and we no reason to believe there are other suspects.”


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