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NYPD-MOS holds board meeting, organizes BBQ for Muslim Community

The get-together of Police and the Community members on BBQ party is aimed at strengthening the mutual trust: Adeel Rana

New York: The New York Police Department’s (NYPD) Muslim Officers’ Society (MOS) held the board members’ meeting and organized a grand BBQ party for the Muslim community members.

Apart from the senior police officers, Muslim community, a large number of people from other communities, including women and children, also participated in the BBQ.

During the ceremony, congregational prayers were offered under the Imamat of Vice President Captain Waheed Akhtar.

Inspector Adeel Rana, host of the event and president of the Muslim Officers’ Society of the New York Police Department, said that the meeting with Muslim officers and community members on BBQ party is aimed at strengthening the trust of the police with the communities and improving the relationship.

He also thanked those who contributed in organizing the BBQ.

The community members participating in the party said that the best thing about Adeel Rana is that he takes the Muslim community as well as other communities together, that’s why not only Muslims but also People from communities have also come.

Police Chaplain Imam Tahir, who participated in the BBQ, said that the officers of the New York Police Department’s Muslim Officers’ Society, who have excellent skills, represent the best values not only of the Muslim community, but of the entire police department.

The participants of the event also took selfies with their friends, while the children who came with their families had a lot of fun.

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