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Dr Maryam Shaikh’s assignment as Press Consul of Pakistan Mission at UN comes to an end

Senior journalists from Pakistani-origin hosted a farewell dinner in her honor

New York: Dr. Maryam Shaikh’s assignment as the Press Consul of the Pakistan Mission to the United Nations comes to an end, as Pakistani Journalists from print, electronic and digital media hosted a grand farewell dinner in her honor at a local restaurant in New York.

The dinner was attended by senior journalists Azim Mian, Mohsin Zaheer, Jahangir Khattak, Maooz Asad Siddiqui, Mohammad Asif and Sabat Arif who came from Dubai, his wife Hina Ali, and others.

On this occasion, senior journalists said that Dr. Maryam Sheikh performed her duties as a press consul very well.

Not only did she continue to provide timely information to media about the activities of the United Nations and Pakistan Mission, but also ensured the release of news both in Urdu as well as English versions according to modern requirements.

Journalists further said that the way Dr. Maryam Shaikh has made the relationship between the Pakistan Mission and the media easy and convenient, it will be no less than a challenge for any new press consul.

On this occasion, Press Consul Dr. Maryam Shaikh expressed her gratitude to the journalists for organizing the farewell dinner. She said: “In my three years of service, I always tried to do whatever was possible for the promotion of journalism in Urdu language along with fulfilling my responsibilities.”

Journalists from the Pakistani community appreciated the services of Dr. Maryam Sheikh and wished her all the best for her new responsibilities and duties in the future.

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