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PTI NJ-chapter holds reference in protest against the arrest of Imran Khan

People should come out of homes and raise voice in support of Imran Khan: Protesters

New Jersey: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) New Jersey Chapter held a protest reference against the arrest of party Chairman and former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan.

The former Prime Minister of Pakistan and PTI Chairman Imran Khan has been sentenced to three years in prison by the court in the Tausha-Khana case that has triggered protests from PTI workers and supporters in Pakistan and beyond including the US.

Famous singer Salman Ahmed graced the reference with his presence as chief guest. The event was held at a local hotel in New Jersey.

The protest reference was organized by the senior leader of PTI New Jersey, Naved Waraich. In the ceremony, party songs were played while various pictures of Imran Khan were pasted on the walls.

Naved Waraich said that leaders like Imran Khan are born in centuries; they should be appreciated and should be supported. We have to get organized and support our leader with more strength and strength.

On this occasion, the special guest of the ceremony, renowned singer Salman Ahmed, said that in twenty-seven years, Imran Khan had carried out peaceful protests without raising a gun or a baton and Pakistan had not been subjected to any kind of violence.

Salman Ahmed appealed to the people to come out of their houses and protest peacefully for the release of their leader.

Other participants in the event said that Tausha Khana is a meaningless case in which Imran was sentenced.

They said that people believe in Imran Khan because he is honest and trustworthy leader Pakistan ever produced. He only talks about justice and equality. He sacrificed everything for the sake of Pakistan.

During the ceremony slogans were also chanted in favor of Mr. Imran Khan.

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