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PACE and PCFD to collaborate on mental wellbeing of Pakistanis in US

The founder of PCFD Dr. Khalil Shibli and the Head of PACE Saeed Hassan meet in New York City

New York: Dr. Khalil Shibli, the founder of Pakistan Cultural Forum, and well-known sociologist initiated practical efforts to promote cooperation with the Progressive American Community Empowerment (PACE) on mental wellbeing of overseas Pakistanis in the US.

Dr. Khalil Shibli, who came to New York all the way from the Qatari capital Doha, met Saeed Hassan, the head of Progressive American Community Empowerment (PACE) at the Pace Talk forum.

The two personalities also discussed various topics, especially regarding further improvement of ongoing services for the Pakistan community.

On this occasion, Saeed Hassan, head of PACE, while explaining the goals and objectives, said that in New York, PACE works for inclusiveness, social responsibility, civic engagement, human development and political awareness, which are very important in daily life.

He said we can connect with people and enrich these important things in light of our experiences. Dr. Khalil Shibli said that there is a greater need to provide social and cultural support to people who come abroad for the purpose of higher education and economic prosperity.

People from the Pakistani community who have been living in the US for decades should consider social connections regarding mental well-being upon returning home.

Dr. Khalil Shibli Saeed Hasan said that there are numerous government and social programs that help in mainstreaming.

Dr. Khalil Shibli replied that in Qatar, support is provided to immigrants at the state level regarding the promotion of social activities.

At the end of the conversation, Saeed Hassan and Dr. Khalil Shibli expressed their cooperation in achieving common social goals under PACE and Pakistan Cultural Forum Doha to overcome the problems faced by Pakistani and other communities in both countries.

Finally, Dr. Khalil Shibli was presented with an award by Saeed Hasan for his outstanding services to the community.

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