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Pakistani American Think Tank hosts event in honor of acclaimed poet Atif Tauqeer

Tauqeer calls for a national dialogue amongst the political stakeholders to sign a three-decade-long economic charter

New York: Pakistan American Think Tank hosted a Luncheon in honor of renowned intellectual and poet Atif Tauqeer at Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn.

Eminent poet, intellectual and thinker Atif Tauqeer has said that the only way to get Pakistan out of the ventilator is to learn from the mistakes of the past and hold a national dialogue among the political parties in order to create a three-decade-long economic charter.

The event was hosted by social personality Raja Razzak.

Social personalities Taj Akbar and Nusrat Sohail and dignitaries from various walks of life also participated.

On this occasion, Atif Tauqeer said that the result of the economic policy made in the 90s was that India has now become the world 5th economic power and it will progress further.

Atif Tauqeer said: “There are two types of societies in the world. The one where reason is power while the other where power is reason.”

Taj Akbar, a social figure who participated in the luncheon, said that the history of Pakistan needs to be taught in a real way.

On this occasion, social personality Nusrat Sohail expressed his views and said that no one has made a remarkable struggle for the settlement of the Kashmir dispute till date. The tension with India continues over the issue of Kashmir.

No foreign policy can be successful in Pakistan until the Kashmir issue is resolved. Earlier, the host Raja Razak said Atif is a very good poet, thinker, intellectual and journalist as well as possessing numerous qualities.

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