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Forest Fires in Canada now affecting NYC’s air quality

NYC’s air quality index was above 200 at one point Tuesday: IQair

New York: New York City topped the list of the world’s worst air pollution for parts of Tuesday as harmful smoke wafted south from more than a hundred wildfires burning in Quebec.

Smoke from Canada’s fires has periodically engulfed the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic for more than a week, raising concerns over the harms of persistent poor air quality, CNN reported.

NYC’s air quality index was above 200 at one point Tuesday night – a level that is “very unhealthy,” according to IQair. The city had the worst quality of air of any major metropolitan area Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET, according to IQair, it said.

According to CNBC News, millions of people in the eastern U.S. faced unhealthy air quality conditions as smoke from wildfires in eastern Canada wafts over much of the country.

An air quality advisory was in effect for several regions of New York state. Air monitoring stations in some parts of New York City showed measures considered unhealthy for anyone.

Thick smoke from raging wildfires in Canada has blanketed the skies across the Northeast, affecting air quality in New York City and much of the northeastern United States, and for the public there. Warnings have been issued.

Due to the air quality reaching unhealthy levels in New York City, the administration has requested citizens to stay indoors.

According to the meteorologist, the health of healthy people can also be affected by the effects of smoke due to the substandard air, while sensitive citizens may face more serious effects.

Air quality hasn’t been great this morning either, with smoke from the Interstate 95 corridor beginning to drift into eastern New York, raising the risk of several civilians being affected.

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