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NYC Mayor outlines new strategy to house immigrants in religious buildings

NYC churches, synagogues, mosques to accommodate almost 1,000 migrant males as part of a new strategy

New York City authorities will now begin housing immigrants in synagogues, an effort to house thousands of people arriving in the city.

Joined by dozens of faith leaders in the City Hall Rotunda, New York Mayor Eric Adams announced the creation of his faith-based shelter and signaled that his next step would be to build homes for refugees.

On this occasion, Mayor Eric Adams said that this is a difficult time where everyone will be helped regardless of color and religion.

Mayor Eric Adams has been struggling to deal with the influx of immigrants to the city for months.

The program will initially accommodate approximately 1,000 asylum seekers, with the potential for further expansion.

Adams lamented that the refugee crisis is costing the city.

In the current fiscal year, the city administration has spent $1.2 billion on the project, and it is estimated that by June 2024, its expected cost will reach $4.3 billion.

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