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Pakistani-Americans urge US to revisit its decision of issuing Pakistan specific 3rd-category travel advisory to its citizens

They demanded JI Lawmaker Mushtaq Ahmed Khan to raise this issue in the Senate of Pakistan.

Texas: The Pakistani-American community has urged the United States to revisit its decision of issuing a 3rd category advisory for its citizens who wish to travel to Pakistan, saying the move will bar them from visiting their beloved homeland.

The advisory warns that there are serious threats of terrorism and kidnapping in Pakistan, so Americans who want to travel to Pakistan should reconsider their decision.

Regarding the 3rd category advisory from the United States, a meeting was organized at the residence of renowned physician Dr. Bilal Pracha in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Bilal Paracha, the host of the event, while raising the issue of advisory in his opening address, said that this is a very alarming situation, the government of Pakistan has to take effective measures in this regard.

In this situation, those overseas Pakistanis who are playing an important role in the country’s economy are afraid to go to their own homes.

In the ceremony, Pakistani Americans demanded Senator Mushtaq Ahmed Khan from Jamaat-e-Islami to talk to the government of Pakistan and raise this issue in the Senate.

Senator Mushtaq Ahmed said Pakistan is currently facing the worst political and economic crisis in history; inflation there has increased even more than the already defaulted Sri Lanka.

The country’s political system is held hostage by family limited companies, but hope should not be lost.

He said that the people of Pakistan have become aware of the facts, the facts cannot be hidden in this era of technology. America’s history is an example, it took them a hundred years to develop themselves, it will take time, but the future of Pakistan is bright.

Majority of Pakistanis living in USA usually travel to Pakistan with their families during summer vacations with the aim of spending summer vacations with their family.

Usually people plan for this several months in advance. Due to the above advisory, Pakistani Americans are avoiding traveling to their beloved homeland.

On this occasion, the audience also asked Senator Mushtaq Ahmad Khan questions regarding the current situation in Pakistan, including his visit to America, to which he gave detailed answers.

While Senator Mushtaq Ahmed Khan also informed the people about his meeting with Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, who has been imprisoned in the US prison for the last almost two decades, now.

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