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NYC agencies not complying Ethnic and Community Media advertising law??

The Law bounds NYC agencies to spend at least 50 percent advertisement budget on ethnic media: NYC Comptroller

New York: New York City Comptroller Brad Lander has said that some of the largest agencies in the city have spent very minimal amount of advertising on Ethnic and Community Media despite the relevant law has passed in 2021 that bounds them to spend at least 50 percent advertisement budget on ethnic media.

Talking to a media roundtable at 1 Centre Street South, Conference Room, New York, he said that before 2021 there was no obligation on city agencies about spending advertisement money on ethnic media.

However, the 2021 local law was passed by NYC Council that bounds them [agencies] to spend at least 50 percent advertisement budget on ethnic media, but not a single largest agency has followed the law as their advertising on ethnic media remains very ‘embarrassing’ in the year 2022.

Ethnic and Community Media outlets provide an important way for the City to make sure that all New Yorkers, including those with limited English proficiency or who are part of immigrant communities, are aware of City government programs and services

In 2019, Mayor de Blasio issued Executive Order 47 (“EO 47”), requiring City agencies to spend at least half of their annual print and digital advertising budgets with Ethnic and Community Media outlets starting in Fiscal 2020.

In June 2021, the City Council passed Local Law 83 of 2021 (“LL 83”), establishing a Mayor’s Office of Ethnic and Community Media (OECM), and substantially incorporating the reporting requirements of EO 47 into local law. LL 83 also modified the requirements slightly, including incorporating radio and TV spending into the 50% mandate

Sharing a 2022 report, New York City Comptroller said that NYPD has just one percent of its total advertising on ethnic media, and the case of other major civic agencies are not different from NYPD.

He said, “Some of you are lobbying for the implementation on local law that was passed in 2021.”

He said a small number of agencies acceded 50 percent benchmark. Those who have acceded the 50 percent advertizing share on ethnic community meida, I must appreciate and give them credit. Fire department gave 50 percent, another agency contributed some 69 percent of its advertising on ethnic media, he said.

Meanwhile he also stressed upon the need of enforcement of the city’s prevailing Wage laws. He asked contractors that if they are getting city funding to construct schools and other buildings, they have to follow the city laws. “Unfortunately sometimes contract cheat workers.”

He said his department takes complaints and do investigation. Overall, we collect money on behalf of workers however sometimes it can be challenging for us to manage things when the workers are not registered or documented. We maintain registry.

The roundtable was to provide reporters with the opportunity to ask questions directly to the Comptroller, and for the Comptroller’s office’s efforts to measure and address issues with language access at city agencies providing services to the public.

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