APPAC strives to active thousands of muslims in American Politics.

At the annual convention of the Islamic Circle of North America held in Baltimore, Maryland, the APPAC team camped to present its manifesto to thousands of Muslims and informed the convention participants about the importance of politics and voting.

APPAC National Board Director Dr. Sadia Tahir said that we want not only Pakistanis but all Muslims living in America to understand the importance of political system and the value of voting rights.

Young people, men and women and elderly as well as children came in large numbers in the convention.

APPAC senior members Dr. Mehmood Alam and Asad Chaudhary individually and also in the form of a group mobilized the participants of the convention to fight for their rights and encouraged to be active in politics.

Dr. Mehmood Alam said that “we communicated with Pakistani Diaspora in large numbers. Our motive was to to apprise them with the situation in Pakistan and bring everybody from Pakistani descent at one platform to help that country to come out of this situation and  we are for democracy, rule of law, following the Constitution and transparency in our system”.

“hopefully, Pakistani Americans will be able to play a positive role in upbringing that country from the present situation”, he added.

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