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Pakistan Peoples Party USA manifests solidarity with Pakistan armed forces.

PTI lost its dignity after 9th May Incidients, Says overseas Pakistani.

New York:
Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) USA organized a rally to express solidarity with Pakistan armed forces and their martyrs at Manhattan. The large number of Pakistani and Kashmiri community participated in rally.

President of PPP-USA Khalid Awan Saying to the rally that overseas Pakistani always give respect Pakistan armed forces and feel the pain of martyrs families.

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) USA worker Raja Razzak, social activist Salman Zafar, and many women condemned the 9th May Incidents which were taken place in different city of Pakistan after arrest of Chairman PTI Imran Khan.

The Nations who involve in any activity which disrespects their soldiers and martyrs cannot survive in society, PTI and its workers lost their dignity among people after 9th May Incidients, they added.

Overseas Pakistani said that altough “we live In USA but breath for Pakistan and we won’t never forgive those defame our country and damaged the integrity”.

participants of rally also demanded the miscreants has been involved in the incidents of 9th may should be bought to the justice.

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