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APAG hosts pakistani youth professional networking seminar.

We want women and youth to be empowered,says Ali Rashid.

New York :
American Pakistani Advocacy Group hosted a networking event pannel discussion on saturday. Describing the purpose of panel discussion the president of American Pakistani Advocacy Group (APAG) Ali Rashid said that We want women and youth to be empowered, it’s need to promote entrepreneurship and professionalism so that local elected officials can indulge our youth in american politics.

Addressing the participants of the event Pakistani Consul General Ayesha Ali said that it is a great honor for me to come here today as a professional.

“Networking events are rare but important. It has been one of my goals as a Consul General to interact with community and want my youth to be role model in American society,” she added.

The two panels participated in panel discussion including Advanced Health Care Dr. Saqba Syed, Cloud Architect Syed Ali Tirmizi, Finance and Economic Expert Muhammad Arshad, Management Consultant Zohaib Dar and Civil Engineer Afaq Silheri. They informed the participants about their field experiences and answered their question.

” APAG always keep in touch with top elected officials, as American Pakistanis we have to be a representative of our community and try to reach out elected officials regarding our constitutional and political rights, they added.

further, all were agreed to get Equal political representation in local and national politics and pledged to promote the inclusion of youth and women .

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