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Pakistani-American Congress restore after a prolonged inactivity.

New York:

The President of the Pakistani-American Congress (PAC) Dr. Khalid Luqman Chaudhary announced the restoration of the organization and explained it’s aims and objectives.

He also said that “We are optimistic for improvement and better relationship between America and Pakistan” and will continue our efforts.

Our organization is intent to highlight the problems are being faced by overseas community and will play the vital role as bridge to resolve their issues, he added.

On this occasion, the Vice President of the Pakistani-American Congress said that our organization will work simultaneously on two fronts:

  • Pakistani-American community will be effectively and fully represented at every important level.
  • PAC will also play their role to protect the common interests of Pakistan and America

On this occasion other officials of the organization said that the Pakistani-American Congress will play its best role in satisfying the rights and legitimate demands of the overseas Pakistanis from the government of Pakistan and ensuring the protection of their rights.

In the press conference Dr. Khalid Luqman has also offered the important personalities and organizations of the community to come together on this platform play a collective role.

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