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Youm-e-Ali observed in NYC with religious devotion and respect.

Procession began from Queens and culminated at Al-Khoei Center.

New York: Muslim Devotees living in New York observed the Martyrdom Day of Hazrat-e-Ali (Youm-e-Ali) the fourth caliph of Muslim, as the main Alam procession that  began from Queens area, culminated at Al-Khoei Center.

Thousands of Muslims attended the Alam procession while religious scholars highlighted the contributions of Imam Ali being a companion and son in law of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) for Islam and Muslims.

A main procession was organized by Jafria Council of USA and Jafria Youth of New York in Queens area of New York, which ended by reaching Al-Khoei Center.

A series of processions and processions have started across the US.

On the occasion of Youm-e-Ali, a mourning majlis was held in the borough of Queens, New York, before the departure of the main procession, in which thousands of mourners participated.

In their address to the assembly, the scholars described the virtues of Hazrat-e-Ali and narrated the incident of his martyrdom.

A message was given to the Muslim Ummah from the Majlis of Yum-e-Ali that we should show unity and tolerance by forgetting mutual differences.
The mourners marched towards their destination while beating their chest on Nohas.

A large number of women, elders and children also participated in the procession.

The organizers of the procession, Raja Abid and Raja Ammar Yasir Nambardar and others said that eighteen years ago, they had started organizing the procession here on the occasion of the Day of Ali, every year it is being observed with religious fervor and compassion and it’s scop is expanding with each passing year۔

We want to pass on the mourning and responsibility that we have inherited to our new generation.

As per history books and social sites,Hazrat Ali inbn-e-Abi Tali, the fourth caliph in Islam and first Shia Muslims’ Imam was assassinated on 26 January 661 by a Khaijite named And Al Rahman ibn Amr ibn Muljam at the great Mosque of Kufa located in present-day Iraq.

Ali died from his wounds two days after Abd al-Rahman struck him over his head with a poison-coated sword when Ali was in condition of Namaz in the Kufa Masque before the Fajar prayers in congregation.

This is considered as one of the tragic incidents in the history of Islam.

Several Muslims pay their respects to one of the most honorable Hashemites in Islamic history at his house located in modern-day Iraq where he was martyred.

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