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ICNA Relief annual fundraising meeting generously raises $7.0m

Attendees donated for ICNA Relief's food pantry, shelter homes, back-to-school program and disaster relief etc.

New York: The annual fundraising meeting of ICNA Relief was held in the US state of New York, in which $7 million dollars were generously raised by the event attendees.

ICNA Relief’s annual fundraising dinner, held at a local New York restaurant, began with a recitation of the Holy Quran.

The ceremony was organized by Dr. Altaf Hussain in his unique style. He entertained the participants with humorous sentences.

He said that it is God’s blessing for us to be a source of help to someone. Hundreds of people listened to the speakers from different cities of America.

On this occasion, the special guest of the ceremony and former member of the Dutch Parliament, Joram Van, told the the tale of his love for Islam from hatred and then acceptance of Islam.

The annual fundraising dinner was attended by hundreds of people, including social, business and prominent personalities of the Pakistani American community.

On this occasion, ICNA Relief Chief Executive Officer Maqsood Ahmed, Regional Director Arshad Jamal and others informed about the ongoing humanitarian projects in various states.

They said that what we are able to do today with our more than seven thousand volunteers is possible only with the support of you people.

On this occasion, the attendees were told how and why the establishment of ICNA Relief was established 27 years ago in 1994 and the attention of the participants was drawn to the problems. A question was left for everyone as to why the need for Muslim women to stay in shelter homes is finally happening.

The sisters shed light on the invitation and propagation of Islam and welfare activities in America.

They said that Islam teaches peace, love, brotherhood, sacrifice, and tolerance. Attendees of the fundraising dinner were also informed through a presentation on ICNA Relief’s various activities and projects across the US.

While at the end prominent personalities of the community were honored with awards in recognition of their services.

Attendees of the annual fundraising dinner generously donated to support ICNA Relief’s food pantry, shelter homes, back-to-school program and disaster relief, among other activities.

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