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NYC administration allows Prayer Calling over loudspeaker from Makki Makki Masjid.

Muslim community living in NYC and beyond welcomed the decision

New York: In a historic development that will promote religious harmony, and deepen the sense of ownership in the Muslim community living in New York, the NYC administration for the first time has allowed prayer calling on loudspeaker from the Makki Masjid.

For the first time, the adhan ( prayer calling) was given over a loudspeaker in the Makki Mosque in Coney Island, New York.

After getting the permission from the administration, the people of the area heard the sound of adhan echoing in the air. Listening to the adhan on the loudspeaker, positive attitude was expressed by the people of the area.

Previously, the prayer calling was only allowed inside Islamic centers or mosques in New York.

The people of the area expressed their happiness on getting the permission for the prayer calling over loud speaker, and said that for many people it is historic.

We haven’t seen it happen before, and now Muslims living in NYC are seeing it happen in their own lives.

People living near Makki Masjid will now hear the sounds of Allah Akbar five times a day.

Azaan will continue to be given on loudspeakers during Ramadan as well.

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