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Students of University of Texas, Dallas making efforts for promotion of cricket on their own

Cricket is not included in the official sports in the educational institutions of America

TEXAS: The students of University of Texas Dallas are making efforts to promote cricket on campus on their own despite no financial support from the University administration.

Since cricket is not included in the official sports in the educational institutions of America, the students who play cricket in most of the universities are not provided any kind of financial support from the educational institutions here.

The students of the University of Texas Dells are active for the promotion of cricket.

These students are not only cricket fans but also play excellent cricket.

Cricketer students of UT Dales say that they organize cricket matches and various tournaments here throughout the year, but the university administration does not support them like other sports.

Students believe that one of the main reasons for this is that cricket is not a regular sport here.

These students also say that if the cricket-loving local community supports them, they will be able to make cricket a regular sport in the university.

They said that they want to represent Dalles in the NCCA cricket tournament to be held in Houston.

If the community supports them, they can effectively represent the Dales by playing the best cricket.

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