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Uber, Lyft drivers go on strike against ‘anti-labor’ practices in their respective companies

Uber and Lyft should increase the rate of return on drivers' earnings: Protesters

New York: Under the auspices of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, hundreds of Uber and Lyft drivers gathered at LaGuardia Airport to protest their companies’ anti-labor practices.

The protesters were holding banners and placards inscribed various demands.

Many drivers along with their families participated in this strike.

A press conference was also held on this occasion in which many American officials participated.

They said that the multi-billion dollar business of Uber and Lyft is the result of the hard work of their drivers, but these companies want to enjoy all the profits themselves without addressing the genuine demands of drivers.

American officials said that Uber and Lyft drivers work day and night for a two time meal, a day.

If it were not for drivers, all such big companies would disappear.

Uber and Lyft should increase the rate of return on drivers’ earnings

Due to the strike of Uber and Lyft drivers, passengers also faced problems.

On this occasion, taxi drivers and labor leaders said that these capitalists should not consider us as their slaves, rather they should ransfer billions of dollars in profits to the drivers.

The protestors said that the companies are changing policies to increase their profits day by day, these measures are not acceptable in any case.

The divers demanded Uber and Lyft company to withdraw the anti-labour measures immediately, otherwise the protest and strike will spread across the country.

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