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MOS lives up to it’s commitment, reconstructs houses for flood affected police in Sindh

MOS starts construction of more new houses in different areas of Dadu district that will be completed by next month


KARACHI: The New York Police Department’s (NYPD) Muslim Officers’ Society (MOS) has fulfilled its promise to the Sindh Police by constructing new houses for the flood effected officials of the provincial police in the Dadu district.

Ali Gohar Panwar, Head Constable of Sindh Police, who lives on the outskirts of the MNV Drain, in Johi Taluka of Dadu District, has been gifted a new house comprised two-room by the Muslim Officers’ Society of New York Police Department, where his family is now living, happily.

No one knows when, how and in what way the Allah almighty helps his creatures in difficult times.

Muslim Officers Society in America, which is based in NYC some 7 thousand miles away from Pakistan, decided to help the flood victims and arrangements were made as soon as they saw the devastating situation in the province.

Five months ago, after the stormy rains, the devastating floods washed away everything that came in it’s way.

The houses of the policemen residing in Dadu district were also flooded.

The story of Constable Nisar Ahmed Panwar, who lives in a flood-affected area with his elderly mother, wife and three children, is no different.Nisar Ahmed’s father was also in the police who was martyred during his service and he got a job in the police on the basis of his father’s quota. But his income was not so much that he could rebuild his damaged house.

In a meeting with MOS President Deputy Inspector Adeel Rana in November last, the Inspector General of Sindh Police Ghulam Nabi Memon requested MOS to provide fifty thousand dollars for the construction of houses of flood affected policemen.

Allocated amount is more than one hundred crore rupees in Pakistani currency and MOS fulfilled its promise to the Sindh Police by constructing new houses for the police constables and head constables living in different areas of Dadu district.

MOS has constructed houses in Dadu of Sindh the worst affected district in the history of Pakistan, in the first phase, MOS constructed homes for the policemen who find it difficult to maintain their homes on their meager salaries.

With the provision of financial assistance from the Muslim Officers Society, new houses were provided to the policemen in different tehsils and talukas of Dadu district.

After construction of houses in the first phase, MOS has started construction of more new houses after complete survey and inspection of flood damaged houses by police personnel in other areas of Dadu district which will be completed by next month.

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