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ICNA Relief conducts funeral of a converted Muslim, 3-month after his body was kept unattended at a non-muslim mortuary

Aqib died days after converting into Islam , his funeral prayer was offered in Brooklyn and laid to rest in New Jersey

New York: Islamic Circle of North America, known as ICNA Relief performed the last rituals of Aqib, who had died on November 26 in Philadelphia, days after embracing Islam and his body was kept unattended in a mortuary being run by Non-Muslims, for three months.

The mortuary had finally decided to cremate Aqib’s body as none came forward to carryout his last rituals in accordance with Islamic teachings.

Aqib’s daughter, who is a Christian, came to know about this, she did not agree with mortuary administration because Aqib had converted into Islam from Christianity, and cremation of a Muslim’s death body is against the norms of Islamic principles.

The information reached the women’s wing of ICNA Relief, so they informed their organization which came forward.

After necessary legal proceedings, ICNA Relief transported the dead body of the Muslim Aqib to New York from the non-Muslim mortuary and arranged for his bath shroud and buried Aqib with full honor and respect according to Islamic way.

The funeral prayer was attended by hundreds of people in the Makki mosque of Brooklyn.

Qari Osama addressed the attendees at and said that no one knows where his death and burial will take place.

On this occasion, Muwaz Asad Siddiqui, spokesperson of ICNA Relief, said that a sister struggled to save her brother’s dead body from being cremated, but her efforts were not in vain.

After the funeral prayers, the body of Aqib was taken to a local cemetery in New Jersey where he was laid to rest.

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