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Tribute paid to General Musharraf for his services to Pakistan

Whatever steps he took in his life are commendable: participants

New York: A Prayer ceremony was held for the solvation of former President of Pakistan and Army Chief General Retired Pervez Musharraf in New York State.

Hosted by General Musharraf’s close associate Arshad Khan, the ceremony was held at a local restaurant in New York .
The event was moderated by Wakeel Ansari.

Addressing the event, Arshad Khan said that the people who have been in power in Pakistan for decades would not have been able to stand up to America if they were in power at the time of 9/11, but General Musharraf took steps with great courage and strategy and Pakistan pulled out of this whole vortex.

A large number of Pakistani community members including political and social figures participated in the ceremony.

The participants expressed their views regarding General Musharraf’s tenure and his character.

They said that General Musharraf was a philanthropist and had a personality that mingled with people.

Whatever steps he took in his life are commendable.

At the end of the ceremony, prayers were also offered for the salvation of General Musharraf.

The participants of the event paid tribute to General Musharraf’s services and thanked him for making Pakistan an international brand.

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