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NYC cop’s parents robbed in Karachi

Suspects identified themselves as govt officials checked car and took away thousands of dollars, gold ornaments etc.

Karachi: Parents of a New York police officer arrived in Karachi were robbed by unknown men in densely populated Liaqatabad neighbourhood.

As per details, Fazal Karim, the father of a New York police officer, arrived in Karachi from America on the night of February 9 and 10 and was on his way home from the airport when his car was stopped in Liaquatabad.When the driver did not stop the vehicle, the suspects pretended to be government officials started checking the car, and fled with thousands of US dollars, mobile phones and other items.

Fazal Karim arrived in Karachi along with his wife to attend the Dastarbandi of his second son and participate in Jamia Banuria Ceremony regarding completion of Bukhari Sharif.

The suspects claimed themselves as government officials and asked to check the passport. During the search, thousands of US dollars, gold ornaments and other valuables were taken away.

Fazal Kareem is an American National. He said that accused checked the passport and returned it and took his wife’s purse with them.

Abdul Hameed, a teacher of Jamia Banuria, says that every year parents come from foreign countries for the certificate distribution ceremony, but no security is provided despite repeated requests.

The police have registered a case and started investigating the incident.

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