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Rep. Bhojani Announces Religious Freedom Agenda

It's our duty to ensure that Texas is the religious freedom state: Rep. Bhojani


Austin, TX – This morning, Representative Salman Bhojani (D – Euless) was joined by Representative Jacey Jetton (R – Richmond), several Democratic and Republican members, and religious leaders from different faith groups to unveil a bipartisan bill package titled, ‘The Religious Freedom Agenda’.

The Religious Freedom Agenda includes multifaith bills that will expand the list of state optional holidays (HB 1882), prevent state-mandated tests from being scheduled on religious holy days (HB 1883), and establish marriage parity, so that anyone from any faith can be married by their religious leader (HB 1884).

“As one of the first Muslims sworn into the Texas Legislature, it is so important to me that my first pieces of legislation work to safeguard protections for every faith. It’s our duty to ensure that Texas is the religious freedom state.” said Rep. Bhojani.

“A state where we can pray in a church, synagogue, mosque, temple, jamatkhana or in a gurdwara. Where we can love God by ANY name,” Bhojani added.

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