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Pakistani American Think-tank holds Kashmir Day event to condemn Indian atrocities

G-20 conference in the occupied territory is a very wrong move: Poet Tahir Hanafi

New York: Pakistani-American Think-tank organized a Kashmir Day event in New York to denounce the continued atrocities and human rights violations of the Indian government in the IOK, and to support the Kashmiris’ struggle for freedom and self-determination.

Tahir Hanafi, a well-known poet from Pakistan, was the chief guest at the event that was held at a local restaurant in Brooklyn.

Addressing the event, Tahir Hanafi said that Kashmir is the jugular vein of Pakistan.

Pakistan-American thinks tank chief Raja Razak said that holding the G-20 conference in the occupied territory is a very wrong move.

While the general secretary of the organization, Farida Bibi, said that Kashmir is a region which is called heaven, but due to Indian persecution, Kashmir is presenting a scene of hell.

Kashmiri leader Sardar Sawar Khan and retired Colonel Maqbool Malik said that February 5th is celebrated all over the world to express solidarity with the Kashmiris and that the 220 million people of Pakistan, their wishes and efforts are with the Kashmiri people.

The Sikh community participating in the event said that during the freedom struggle, Gandhiji, Nehru and other leaders made various promises to the Sikh community and other minority communities but they could not be fulfilled.

The participants of the event expressed their solidarity with the Kashmiri people and described only Pakistan’s efforts regarding Kashmir’s freedom as insufficient, but the whole world should raise their voice regarding atrocities in Kashmir.

The organizers of the event thanked the Chief Guest and other participants for attending the event.

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