Over 400 accused involved in land grabbing, yet to get punishment from Karachi courts

Mafias occupy land worth billions of rupees of KDA, MDA etc.

By Farhan Rajput

KARACHI: More than 400 accused involved in some 110 cases including the illegal occupation of government land could not be punished so far, through the court of law as most of the accused have been released on bail.

According to the details, mafias have seized the land worth billions of rupees of Karachi Development Authority (KDA), Malir Development Authority (MDA) and Board of Revenue and deprived hundreds of citizens of their life long savings.

Despite the presence and actions of anti-encroachment police and other law enforcement agencies in Karachi, the land mafia has not been brought to justice.

The anti-encroachment police registered more than 80 cases last year. In the first month of this year, a number of cases have also been registered against the occupation of land worth billions of rupees by KDA, MDA and Board of Revenue.

The case was transferred to the special anti-encroachment court in Karachi. After which the number of such cases under hearing in the court has increased to 110.

The number of accused involved in the said cases is more than 400 as the Sindh prosecution has not been able to punish the accused involved behind this crime.

The accused have secured freedom on bail by hiring highly paid lawyers, including politicians and other land grabbers.

According to records, the anti-encroachment police have registered two cases against PTI leader Haleem Adil Sheikh and his 11 associates for occupying 40 acres and 25 acres of land in Mangopir area.

The police have also imposed provisions on Haleem Adil Shaikh for illegally building a housing society on 25 acres of occupied land.

Similarly, a case has been filed against Ali Hasan Brohi and six of his associates, which is being heard in the relevant court.

The police arrested Azim Marri, Aleemuddin alias Mulla and Akbar Chandio, Gul Sher and others in a case of similar nature. The accused have developed a network to occupy the government lands and the accused have also determined the procedure for the occupation of the government lands.

Land mafia operatives burn the bushes one by one before demarcating the plots and some of the operatives clear the bushes with an ax after which plots are made in different sizes. They erect walls with giving written numbers.

Speaking to Voice of South Asia, Special Counsel Board of Revenue Senior Counsel Ahmed Pirzada said that the cases against the occupations of MDA, KDA and Board of Revenue lands are established only in the complaint of the officers of the relevant institutions. But, unfortunately no accused has been punished.

A senior lawyer says that the court will give the sentence only when the case is made according to law and the plaintiffs follow the cases effectively.

Experts advised that before investing their hard earned money in property, people should get information from the relevant institutions before making any investment.

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