Uptick in teenagers’ involvement in Karachi street crimes

Law enforcers arrested 1000 accused (all underage) on allegation of street crimes in 2022 as against 750 in 2021: Reports.

By: Farhan Rajput

KARACHI: Underage boys are allegedly found involved in street crime in Karachi and the rate of their indulgence in street offenses has alarmingly increased up to 25 percent in 2022, as compared with 2021.

According to reports, until December 31, 2022, police and paramilitary rangers have arrested more than 1,000 accused (boys) from different areas of the metropolis on charges of robbery, mobile phone theft/snatching, motorcycle and car theft, drug peddling, etc.

The law enforcers claimed to have recovered stolen valuables, cash, gold ornaments, motorcycles, cars, drugs, weapons, etc. from the under-arrest accused.

The nabbed accused have been moved to juvenile jail on directions of the respective courts during the period.

In this regard, social leaders working for the welfare of children say that society needs to do a lot of work for the protection of youth through awareness campaigns, education, and trainings. They said parents should also keep an eye on the activities of their children, besides fulfilling their needs such as pocket money, school fee.

On the other hand, the under trial accused while talking to Voice of South Asia (VOSA) rejected charges framed by the law enforcement agencies upon them by declaring as ‘baseless’. They insisted that they are innocent and they have nothing to do with the crimes framed against them by the police.

Media Advisor of Karachi Bar Association, Saba Somro, said that the cases against these accused are still pending in the court of law, the police have to prove whether the under arrest accused have committed crime or not.

However, she admitted with concerns that the youth are involved in crimes, we all have to play a role for this; especially parents have to keep an eye on their children.

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