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Hindu woman demonstrates loyalty, interfaith harmony by performing Muslim Husband’s funeral according to Islam

Walid Bilal, a native of Karachi, Pakistan married Kiran, an Indian Hindu citizen in New York years back and he died recently due to prolong illness

New York: A Hindu woman living in New York, USA set an example of loyalty and interfaith harmony by performing her Muslim Husband’s funeral rituals as per the Islamic practices, and teachings, on his demise.

Walid Bilal, a native of Karachi, Pakistan, came to America in 1990 some 32 years back in search of a better future and settled here permanently in the US while working as a baker.

Walid Bilal married Kiran, an Indian Hindu citizen, with whom he has two daughters.

In 2000, he suffered from heart disease, after which he fell ill and became disabled in 2013, leaving his family with no other option but government assistance to survive.

Walid Bilal passed away recently due to prolonged illness, his widow contacted the social organization named ‘One Nation’ and told the organization that she wanted her husband to be buried in accordance with his religious practices and Islamic teachings.

One Nation US appealed to the community to arrange for the funeral and burial expenses of late Waleed Iqbal, to which everyone responded and all the arrangements were completed.

One Nation US President Raja Tahir said that it is a blessing and a mercy for us to come to the family during one’s most difficult time.

The funeral prayer of Walid Bilal was offered and he was laid to rest at a local graveyard in New Jersey State. The funeral was attended by volunteers from One Nation US and a large number of community members.

Iqbal has left behind a widow and two daughters to mourn his death.

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