Mexico’s Supreme Court elects its first female Chief Justice

The court selected Norma Pina in a 6-to-5 vote, elevating a figure who has clashed with Mexico’s president.

Web Desk:

According to the national media, Mexico’s Supreme Court has elected a female president to lead the nation’s highest judicial body for the first time.

Following a six-to-five vote on Monday, Justice Norma Lucia Pina was sworn in for her four-year term at the head of the 11-member panel, pledging to maintain the independence of the country’s highest court.

“Judicial independence is indispensable in resolving conflicts between the branches of government,” Pina said Monday while laying out her plans. “My main proposal is to work to build majorities, leaving aside my vision.”

As chief justice, Pina will also head the entire judicial branch. She is not considered an ally of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, and opposition parties welcomed her election.

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