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Happy New Year! Thousands throng Times Square to witness crystal ball drop on 2023

People in Times Square greeted each other enthusiastically for the New Year

New Year: New Yorkers and visitors from across the world thronged to Times Square, the New York’s landmark and liveliest area to wellcome 2023, and  witness spectacular yet time-honored crystal ball drop event.

Thousands of people flocked to Times Square to watch the historic ball drop tradition at 12 o’clock in the night at the New Year ceremony.

The crystal ball, 12 feet wide and weighing 11 thousand pounds, was brought down from 130 feet high pole.

A magnificent lightshow was kicked off by New York City Mayor Eric Adams who started the ball drop that took place for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2019.

As per media reports, the ball comprised of nearly 2,700 Waterford crystals illuminated by a palette of more than 16 million color. As the ball lit up, crowds danced in the new year many stealing a kiss from loved ones at midnight. Heaving crowds danced and swapped masks for rain ponchos as they flooded the Times Square venue.

The New Year celebration that started from New Zealand has ended spreading joy in different countries.

Spectacular fireworks were also conducted and sky was filled with rainbow colors everywhere in the city.

People in Times Square greeted each other enthusiastically for the New Year.

Fireworks were also set off by citizens in different areas of New York.

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