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NYC Mayor presents art teacher with a proclamation for protecting a woman from assailants

He stepped in to aid the young woman who was being attacked with a bladed weapon.

NEW YORK: John Catania an art teacher in Scarsdale was presented with a proclamation by New York City Mayor Eric Adams for his act of heroism as he saved a Muslim woman who was being harassed and harmed by a man at the Union Square station in November this year.

Mayor’s office organized a reception to honor John Catania and patted him on his shoulder for showing bravery and protecting the victim.

Mayor Eric Adams presented John Catania with a proclamation to recognize his heroism.

Police said that on Nov. 22, a man believed to be experiencing homelessness was harassing a woman at the station, saying anti-Muslim statements before slashing her on the neck.

That’s when Catania stepped in. “I saw someone get attacked, and it was very violent out of nowhere. Someone needed to do something, and I was standing there. It fell on my shoulders, I guess. Everyone else kinda jumped away,” Catania said.

Catania was injured while trying to help the woman and both got injured at the hand of assailants. He needed 26 stitches on his head. The suspect got away.

The function was organized in his honor at the mayor’s office. On this occasion, Mayor Eric Adams said that this young teacher is our pride. It is also an example for all of us that how we should help each other in difficult times.

The school teacher was hailed as a hero by the participants of the event.

Senior officers of the New York Mayor’s Office and representatives of the Muslim community also participated in the ceremony.

On this occasion, Muslim American Society of New York Tahir Abdul Hadi and other Muslim representatives condemned the attack and praised the bravery of the teacher.

The Mayor Adams said: “You showed both moral and physical courage of when you swiftly came to the aid of a young woman who was being attacked with a bladed weapon. And normally people run from that, or they pick up their phones or take pictures and not go to the direct aid of their fellow New Yorkers. You did it while sustaining an injury. But we want to thank you and the victim, both are recovering, both you and the victim are recovering. And most importantly, the attacker was apprehended, which is extremely important because of your actions. So I really admire and salute your bravery. And here at City Hall, we like to pause and just acknowledge what you’re doing. And you’re brave every day, you’re in the school system.

Catania said: Yeah, I’d say so. I’d say so. She looked very alone and clearly injured in the moment. So I just tried to do my best, tried to intervene and stop any more violence. I’m hoping I could do that. I myself got a little injured, but that’s all right.

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