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Christmas being celebrated across the world including US, with great zeal and enthusiasm

US president Biden, NYC Mayor Adams, Pope Francis extend their heartfelt felicitations on mega religious event

New York: Christians around the world including US are celebrating Christmas today. Special prayer events are being organized in all big and small church centers on the birthday of Jesus.

US president Joe Biden has extended his heartfelt felicitations to the nation in connection with Christmas. He took to twitter saying: “From the entire Biden family to yours: Merry Christmas, America.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams congratulated his city dwellers. In his message, Eric Adams said: “This is a season of peace, joy and a spirit of being there for one another. Our city is back because of that spirit. Merry Christmas New York City.”

Christmas is being celebrated with enthusiasm around the world. The buildings are decorated with electric bulbs. Christmas trees, shops, and swings for children have been installed at various places.

The biggest Christmas prayer event took place in Vatican City. Pope Francis opened the ceremony with religious rites and appealed to take care of the poor.

The spiritual leader of Catholic Christians, Pope Francis, offered a special prayer on this occasion. In his address, Pope Francis wished Christmas to Christians around the world and highlighted the teachings of Jesus.

On this occasion, he urged the international community to help those affected by the war in Ukraine. Pope Francis, without naming Ukraine, said that the level of greed and hunger for power is such that some people even kill their neighbors.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year when people across the world come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Each year, on Christmas, families come together, celebrate and indulge themselves in parties. Christmas is not only the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, but also the spirit of giving and affection celebrated across faiths.

The birth of Jesus Christ marks the utmost importance for Christmas as they believed that God had sent his son on earth as a sacrifice to redeem the people of the world from their sins.

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